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Welcome to Avesta

Avesta is the ancient book of Persia. It gathered during the 4th or 6th centuries and it divided into 21 volumes text.Avesta is name given to the most ancient language of the Iranian branch. The collection suffered a disaster when Alexander of Macedonia invaded Iran 2317 years ago in 321 BCE and destroyed the library at Persepolis , put an end to the Achaemenian empire, and devastated the royal treasuries in which the Avesta was reportedly kept. An effort was begun during the Parthian period (250 BCE-224 CE) to collect what remained in priestly memories and scattered records. The arduous task was completed and the collection was collated, screened, augmented, and canonized centuries later during the reign of the Sassanian King Chosroes I (Khosrow Anushiravan) in about 560 CE.


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